Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Balances their Budget?

This part of Rand Paul's acceptance speech caught my attention:
Putting a special emphasis on the word "respectfully," Paul told the crowd he would "respectfully" ask the U.S. Senate to deliberate on why the American people are unhappy with what's going on in Washington: "The American people want to know why we have to balance our budget and they don't?" Paul also said he would "respectfully" ask the Senate to deliberate this issue: "Do we wish to live free or be enslaved by debt?"
Am I missing something? Aren't we suffering from the collapse of a housing bubble brought on by people borrowing more than they could afford? Aren't we suffering from a foreclosure crisis now? Isn't foreclosure the result of homeowners defaulting on their debt? Since when do US households balance their budgets?

Is this the realism we have to look forward to? At least Jim Bunning pitched no-hitters in both leagues (one a perfect game) and was the only person to strike out Ted Williams three times in a game. You could cut that kind of guy slack for moronic comments.

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